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10 Credits


trex iptv panel
20 Credits


trex iptv panel
50 Credits


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10 Credits


4k ott iptv panel
20 Credits


4k ott iptv panel
50 Credits


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Available payment methods?
  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Crypto
  • Apple Pay
Which devices can be used for IPTV?
  1. Smart TVs: Many Smart TVs from popular brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, and others have built-in IPTV capabilities or support IPTV apps.

  2. Streaming Devices: Devices like Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast can run IPTV apps.

  3. Computers: IPTV can be accessed on PCs and laptops using various software.

  4. Smartphones and Tablets: Both Android and iOS devices can use IPTV apps, allowing you to stream content on mobile devices.

  5. Gaming Consoles: Consoles like Xbox and PlayStation can also support IPTV through their respective media capabilities.

  6. Set-Top Boxes: Specialized IPTV set-top boxes designed specifically for streaming IPTV content.

If your download speed is not less than 30 mbps, then everything will work smoothly in the highest quality. If you are not sure, ask for 1-2 h trial to test the quality first.

Which countries are present?

Netherlands Belgium France UK Germany Switzerland Austria Poland Spain Malta Portugal Italy USA Canada Australia New Zealand Arabic India Pakistan Iran Turkey Azerbaycan Kurdistan Africa Afghanistan Armenia Exyu Slovenia Albania Greece Latino Brazil Caribbean Suriname Sweden Denmark Norway Finland Czech Bulgaria Romania Hungary Russia Georgia/Kazakh Ukraine Lithuania Latvia Estonia China/HK Malaysia Philippines Indonesia Korea Thailand Taiwan Vietnam

How many connections at once?
You may install your account on multiple devices, but keep in mind that it works on 1 at a time.
What is the difference between Standard and Premium?
  • Quality of Stream and Server:

    • Standard Plan: Offers good streaming quality with stable server support, suitable for casual viewing.
    • Premium Plan: Features high-definition streaming with enhanced server reliability, ideal for an uninterrupted, high-quality viewing experience.

    Number of Channels:

    • Standard Plan: Provides a basic range of channels, covering popular genres and interests.
    • Premium Plan: Includes an extensive list of channels, encompassing a wider variety of genres, international options, and exclusive content.

    VOD (Video On Demand) Library:

    • Standard Plan: Access to a standard library of movies and shows.
    • Premium Plan: A vast library with a broader range of movies and TV shows, including latest releases and classic titles.

    Support and Maintenance Team:

    • Standard Plan: Efficient support team for standard maintenance and troubleshooting.
    • Premium Plan: Dedicated team providing priority support and personalized assistance, ensuring optimal service quality and customer satisfaction.


Is there a trial period available for both plans? 

Yes, we offer trial periods for both plans. The Standard Plan comes with a 3-hour trial, while the Premium Plan offers a 2-hour trial. This allows you to experience the features of each plan and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Can I upgrade from Standard to Premium?

Yes, you can easily upgrade from the Standard to the Premium plan. Contact our customer service for a seamless upgrade process.

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